Sunday, November 25, 2012


Dear all,

After many years of abandoning my old blog on Xanga (remember Xanga, people?? Time flies), my friend Taline has convinced me to start a new blog of my travels around the world.
We are currently in Amman, Jordan, where she is working and we had an awesome time hanging out, traveling around Jordan and eating lots of food! We both have lots of pictures from this week, but unfortunately, some things don't change and I have the same ridiculous effect on technology as usual. We're sitting in Taline's apartment, and my flight back home leaves in 8 hours, and Taline is like, "start your blog dammit!".  I have no fewer than 6 technology products - phones, USB drives, cameras, laptops, kindle and an iPad - and I can't get my pictures from one to another. So  the post about Jordan and the sights and food and all will have to wait until I get back to the States and can properly upload everything.

A little about me - I am not a backpacker or a broke college student, a resort destinationer, or a family traveler, but I travel in a way that is a little of all rolled into one. I am a business consultant has traveled twice a week, every week, for pretty much the last 6-7 years. I stay in nice hotels, eat pretty good food, and drive a rental car when on the job. I love reading books and blow through them at a ridiculous speed.  On the weekends, I take trips to random places, which means I'm actually home about two weekends a month. Then, I usually take advantage of my vacation time to either explore a new place solo, or hang out with friends and have a good adventure, and these trips tend to be the polar opposite of my working travel - cheap hostels, street food eating, and encountering really interesting people who don't generally cross my path in the business hotels.  I live out of a carry on suitcase and refresh it twice a month, and at any given time it will be packed on one side with: a professional suit, pumps, and a Lenovo Thinkpad, and on the other side: a bikini, flip flops, and a digital camera :) What the consistent undercurrent of everything I do is really simple - I love to travel and I'm not picky about how I do it.

This blog will hopefully have stories of my travels, as well as tips for both business travel and backpacking, traveling as a female, and traveling solo, with a healthy dose of personal observations and opinions and random posts of what book I'm reading and this or that, which is why we are calling me a professional nomad :)  

Next post when I get my :$(-/@& computer up with my pictures - recap of Jordan! 


  1. So excited to be following your adventures from half way across the world ;)
    Looking forward to many more of your posts!

  2. If there is one person I'm always eager to hear stories from, It's Christina. I can't wait to read more of your posts! :D

  3. Nice! But I'd also like to read about your past adventures! :)

  4. Yeah... Now I can be even more jealous!