Monday, December 17, 2012

A tangent about airline status

Ok, I am eventually getting to Part 2 of Jordan (Taline is on my case! : ) but since I am grumpy, am coming down with a cold and a little loopy, first I will blog about something travel related.

If you have status with American Airlines, part of the OneWorld alliance, you can now match your status with Aerolineas Argentinas, which happens to be part of SkyTeam alliance.

What does this mean?  If you have status with American, you can get upgrades to American or any of the OneWorld airlines.  If you match the status with Argentinas, you will also get status with SkyTeam, which includes Delta.

There are only three major airline alliances (SkyTeam, Oneworld, Star Alliance) and most airlines are in one of the three.  So if you have status in two of the three, you've covered 2/3 of any airline you would end up taking!  Except budget ones.  Speaking of which, I ended up taking Jetblue for the first time the other weekend and I made a huge hullabaloo about it. Also it was to Long Beach.  But I got over it!

Any a real post about travel stories coming up : )

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