Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Twitter, Zion and some travel tips

Hello! I have been wayyyy too busy for my own good. But there will soon be
  • Stories on camping in Zion National Park, Utah!
  • Future travel to Nicaragua and Panama
In the meantime, I am going on a limb and trying not to be an old lady so I finally signed up for Twitter.  Follow me @christinajy : )

A friend sent this to me.  Do you think I should apply?  I would get to travel around the world and blog about it : )

In the meantime, a new travel tip I will give you is:
If you are stuck with an expensive flight and there is a layover (or there is a cheap flight and a ridiculously long layover all day), look at where the layovers are (usually a large city like LA, Mexico City, Panama City, London, NY, etc) and try this.  Try booking a multicity itinerary with destination to the layover city one day, and leave in the morning the second day.  Sometimes you will find a cheaper flight or at least find an itinerary where you don't have to waste a whole day sitting in the airport.

In my case, I was having trouble getting a flight back from Nicaragua for Labor Day, so I booked Monday evening Managua - Panama City, will arrive around 5pm, stay the night and then leave Panama City to LA Monday morning around 8.  I haven't been to Panama yet so at least I'll get to check out the canal, have a decent dinner and sleep and take a few photos!

New post to come soon!


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