Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jordan Part 3

Oh my... this blog stuff is harder than I thought, I still haven't finished Jordan trip and I've already gone and come back from Mexico.  So now I should finish Jordan...

By now it is Thursday so Taline has time off! Woo!  In the Arabic world, apparently the weekend is on Friday and Saturday instead of Saturday and Sunday.  So we rent a car, and off we go for an overnight camping trip into the Wadi Rum desert!

Here's a map of Jordan and the places we went: http://goo.gl/maps/32w5s

Wadi Rum is on the other end of Jordan, which took about 4ish hours from Amman.  We had a nice drive, stopped and ate some falafel, and eventually turned into this horse farm where we had a really cool dude (and now I've forgotten his name, Taline will know!)  I won't get into it too too much, but the evening involved: getting shoved into a sand dune,
 having the DUMBEST conversation with this Russian dude who was scared of heights (see where Taline is climbing up this GIANT rock,
  a lot of tea, peeing out in the middle of the desert in the middle of the night, and me waking up Taline out of her tent. lol.

The next day we woke up, ate some Jordanian babaghanoush for breakfast (which is not at all like the babaghanoush you usually get, we were both confused but it was good!) and made our drive on to the other end of Jordan called Aqaba. It's the little sliver of the Red Sea and you can see Israel from over there.  There are a lot of hotels but we only drove in and turned around so we could get on the freeway to the Dead Sea.

When we get to the Dead Sea, we go and check out a beach club.  Now it's meant to be like a ritzy beach club but seeing as most people in Jordan are Muslim, Taline and I were nice and decided to wear something to cover up (I made the enormous concession of wearing a tshirt over my bikini, which we all know is something I never do).  Being in the Dead Sea is weird. It's so salty it felt like there was oil on my skin, and you float like crazy.  I also got some in my eye and that hurt for a while haha.  On the other hand I'm pretty sure all that salt is like some kind of antiseptic.  You could buy some black mud from the place and use it while you're in the water, but Taline and I just went splashing a while while she discovered that she could use her flip flops to paddle herself like a canoe. lol.

As you can see, Taline is much better at floating in super floaty water than I am. lol.

Once we had enough salt, we move on to Ma'in Hot Springs, where I will shorten the story but we were basically videoed by this super creepy guy that looked like Jesus. I'm not kidding, he had long hair and a beard and he was fully clothed, and pretended to be videoing us with his cell phone for a good 20 minutes. Probably because we gave up on the tshirt thing and was scandalizing most of the people in the hot springs.  I almost got mad and told him off, but then he and his crew of people went away and then we proceeded to be bothered by some dude with the maturity of a 12 year old spashing at us.  It was fun and a nice time though.
Look at us hot girls! : )

After that we drove back, and had a nice time meeting Taline's friends in a coffee shop and gossiping about boys before my monstrous flight back to the states (See prequel to Jordan, Post #1).

And that is Jordan!  I have to thank Taline, her lovely Italian flatmates and every nice person I met in Jordan for having a fantastic time there.  I absolutely recommend Jordan for tourism, there are beautiful historical and natural places there, the people are super nice and the tourism industry is very easy to deal with.

Next up... dive trip in the Yucatan!

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  1. Christina! SO glad you finally got around to blogging about this :) I was totally cracking up reading your posts! Can't wait to read more of them!

    Oh the Bedouin's name was Awda. :)

    p.s. it's Ajloun (not Asloun) lol ;)