Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Très Heureux... Paris!

Just a quick note because I am excited... but Natalie and I have made plans to go to Paris next month!!!!! :D :D :D  I got a direct flight from LAX and it was only 60k miles and $70.  $70 for a direct flight to Paris?  WIN!

On an unrelated note, I have just stamped the last page in my passport, and I got it in 2010. : P

Next up... a recap a fun weekend eating, drinking and dancing in AUSTIN!


  1. So excited for you girls! You know... it's a pretty cheap flight from Paris to Beirut! ;)

  2. Taline, glad to know it will be cheap for you to join us. We will be there from Feb 15th to Feb 19th. Come!

  3. haha. I think Taline wants us to visit HER. Taline, you should come to Paris if you have time thought!